You need two things to test the API, a Well Data Labs API Key and a tool that makes HTTP requests.

Well Data Labs Test API Key

Every request must include a Well Data Labs API Key. This is a secret token that Well Data Labs issues to your company and it's used by the system for authentication. If you are an existing Well Data Labs customer, you can obtain an API Key for your company from

If you're not an existing customer or if you just want to work with some test data, use the test API Key below. The whole string is the key, including the plus and equal signs.


Testing Tool Option 1: Postman

To test the Well Data Labs API, you need the ability to create HTTP requests, customize the HTTP headers and verbs used in those requests, and then view the JSON content returned. Postman is a free multi-platform tool that does everything you need. You can download Postman at If you are new to testing REST APIs or if you'd rather not use the command line for testing, Postman is probably the right choice for you.

We walk through an example of how to use Postman with the Well Data Labs API on the Sample Request page.

Testing Tool Option 2: curl

If you prefer to use a command line tool, curl is a great option. Curl has become ubiquitous in the REST API world. You can download the latest version as well as a free book at

The Well Data Labs API documentation will provide curl commands for each endpoint that you can just cut and paste for testing.