Now we bring it all together and show a sample request to the JobHeaders endpoint and the JSON response.

Sample Request Using Postman

1. Make sure you have "GET" selected in the HTTP verb dropdown.

2. Enter the URI for the JobHeaders endpoint "".

3. Click on "Headers" and add an HTTP Header with key "Authorization" and value "Bearer b+S15uKWEK0lFU+NomEmvekn8yk/ALTTBAYOJalVKrI=".

That's all we need. Now just click "Send" to send the request and you should see sample job header data returned in JSON format.

Sample Request Using curl

Curl has fewer bells and whistles but it's also much simpler. Just copy and paste the command below into your curl window and run it. You should get back sample job header data in JSON format.

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer b+S15uKWEK0lFU+NomEmvekn8yk/ALTTBAYOJalVKrI="