The Well Data Labs API allows customers to access their data by issuing simple HTTP requests to API endpoints. Each type of data you access will have its own endpoint. For example, if you wanted to get job header data, you could issue an HTTP GET request to and you would get back an array of JobHeader objects.


To ensure data privacy, all requests must use HTTPS. We do not support HTTP requests since they wouldn't be encrypted. The base URL for API requests is:

Requests must include an API Key, issued to you by Well Data Labs, in the HTTP header. See Authentication for more information.

Endpoint URIs consist of the base URL plus the plural name of the endpoint you want to access. The URI for the JobHeaders endpoint is

Requests to the URI above will return an array of JobHeader objects. The number of JobHeaders returned depends on the parameters passed in the URI. For example, a request to with no additional parameters will return all JobHeaders for your company. A request that includes a well API Number such as will return the JobHeaders for all jobs for the well with that well API number (there's probably just one).

The WDL API is RESTful. That means the HTTP verb you use tells us what action you want to perform. To get data, use an HTTP GET. Other verbs, like POST, could be used to save data. The current version of the API does not support data updates so for now GET is the only HTTP verb that can be used.


Standard HTTP response codes are used to indicate the status of a request. A status of 200 indicates the request succeeded. A status of 404 indicates the requested data could not be found. All endpoints have the potential to return an HTTP 403 Unauthorized. If you receive this response, verify you are correctly setting the HTTP Authorization Header and are using the correct WDL API key.

Response content is returned as JSON, typically an array that contains one or more objects.

The documentation for each endpoint gives detailed information on the data objects and HTTP status codes returned.